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Gopher Control In Carlsbad, CA

Effective Gopher Treatments To Protect Your Carlsbad Home & Yard

If you’ve never dealt with gophers on your Carlsbad, CA property before, you might think they’re cute little animals that are fun to see pop up on the side of the road from time to time. Once you’ve had firsthand experience with them on your property, you will know that they are actually quite destructive.

Because their tunnels and burrows create uneven footing, holes, and the risk of collapsing ground, the presence of gophers on your property can be dangerous to your safety. These tunnels and burrows can also compromise the structural integrity of hillsides. Furthermore, a gopher infestation will almost always lead to the consumption and destruction of your ornamental plants, gardens, and other landscaping elements.

Protecting your Carlsbad, California property from gophers can feel like a real, live version of Whack A Mole, but with the help of your local gopher control experts at K&M Pest Solutions, you can sit back and leave the hard work of gopher and wildlife removal to us. Request a free gopher inspection for your yard by reaching out today!

Our Carlsbad Gopher Control Services

At K&M Pest Solutions, we offer multiple options for gopher control. We’ll go over these options with you and recommend the one that we think will best meet your property’s particular gopher control needs.

Our most popular gopher treatment uses equipment called Gopher X. This is a carbon monoxide treatment that we put directly into the gopher burrow system. This service includes the disposal of any gophers that are accessible to us.

Gopher X

K&M Pest Solutions also offers services using The Gopher X system. This works by pushing heated smoke and carbon monoxide into your lawn reaching the rodent nests and tunnels. The Gopher X  is an easy, extremely effective, and sturdy device that kills burrowing rodents without the negative and sometimes even dangerous effects of other methods. Because it is using heated smoke and carbon monoxide instead of poisons and bate, it is safe for other animals and pets. It doesn't cause any explosions that ruin your property or even start fires making it safer than other methods. Lastly, it does not use traps that take extra time to set up in the correct place in order to exterminate these annoying burrowing pests. Contact us at K&M Pest Solutions to see if this innovative pest control solution is right for you!

Guaranteed Gopher Control To Protect Your Property

When gophers are destroying your property, you need the services of K&M Pest Solutions. Our gopher treatments are guaranteed, so you won’t have to worry about them not working. To learn more about our services or to schedule your gopher treatment, contact us today.

Find out more about how we protect Carlsbad homes from gopher damage, learn about our Carlsbad commercial pest control program, or schedule an inspection by contacting us today!