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What Smells Will Keep Carlsbad, CA Bed Bugs Away?

February 14, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Bed bug prevention can prove near impossible. This is because bed bugs are often accidentally brought into homes or businesses by people. Although this is the case, turning to essential oils and natural scents in an attempt to keep a variety of insects away, including bed bugs, might be somewhat effective in deterring bed bugs.

Bed bugs are known for being difficult to eradicate. This is because they can hide in small cracks and crevices of furniture, flooring, and seams. Even if you manage to get rid of most of the infestation, there is a high possibility you did not get all of them. Although prevention is difficult, it is essential to have some practices to minimize the likelihood of an infestation. Keep reading to learn about the effectiveness of essential oils against bed bugs and tried and true methods of bed bug prevention to keep your Carlsbad property free of these pests.

Are Essential Oils An Effective Bed Bug Control Option?

Why use essential oils when there are pesticides? The answer to this question is twofold. There is evidence that bed bugs are building tolerances to synthetic pesticides, making them less effective against these pests. Two, there is a demand for more natural and "green" solutions to pest control.

The USDA conducted a study on the effectiveness of essential oils and bed bugs. The effectiveness of most oils against bed bugs was not promising. But several oils such as blood orange oil, paraffin oil, silicone oil, and spearmint oil did show to be toxic against bed bugs.

There is potential for these essential oils to be used commercially in combating bed bugs. Using these essential oils around your home will not necessarily keep bed bugs out, but in combination with tried and true methods, they may provide an extra layer of protection and give you peace of mind.

For example, you may find a use for essential oils when it comes to bed bug prevention by spraying your mattress, sheets, and upholstered furniture. These are items you would not want to use harmful chemicals on but could use essential oils on.

Common Bed Bug Control Methods

When implementing bed bug prevention, it is essential to consider how bed bugs get inside Carlsbad homes.

Second-hand items are a common way bed bugs enter homes. Always thoroughly inspect any items you are bringing into your home before you do so. This goes for furniture, appliances, bags, and clothing.

Luggage and bags are another way they can get in. Always inspect hotel rooms first before putting your bags down, and always use a luggage rack. When you are traveling or even out at a restaurant or movie theater, always keep your bag and jacket off the floor.

If you find bed bugs in your home, remember they do not like extreme temperatures. You can use heat and freezing to eliminate bed bugs. You can do this by:

  • Placing clothes and bedding into bags and placing them in the freezer
  • Using a steamer with a high temperature for difficult-to-reach spaces
  • Putting items in the dryer at its highest temperature

You can also use chemicals to rid your Carlsbad home of bed bugs, but this is dangerous, and chemicals are more effective when implemented by professionals. 

Professional Bed Bug Control With K&M Pest Solutions

It is near impossible to get rid of bed bugs on your own because of their ability to hide. If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, your best option is to contact the professionals at K&M Pest Solutions. We have the tools and experience to solve your bed bug problem. We will inspect your home for bed bug activity, locate hot spots, and come up with a comprehensive plan that will solve your bed bug problem for good. Call us today to learn more about our bed bug control options!