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The Secret To Effective Rodent Control For Carlsbad Properties

January 15, 2022 - Rodents

Carlsbad, California can be a magical place with beautiful scenic views and vibrant wildlife. However, when that wildlife breaches your homefront, you’ll find that the magic stops there. There are hundreds of thousands of different types of rodents in the world. The most common rodents you might find yourself dealing with in the Carlsbad area are rats and mice.

While a mouse is not the size of a Capybara, tiny rodents are no joke when it comes to the damage they can inflict on your property. Rodents in the Carlsbad area like roof rats, Norway rats, and mice have adapted to the influx of homes and people. As such, they have gotten bolder in their singular need for food and shelter.

A Business Is Not A Home

At least, not a home for rodents. Moreover, a house is also not home for any pesky rodents. Roof rats and mice are typically under eight inches and have a brownish-gray color to them. Norway rats can seem more menacing for the sole fact that they can grow to a foot in length. 

In any case, most all rodents that invade your business or your home can be concluded as a health hazard. Rats infamously carried and spread the bubonic plague that took out 1/3 of Europe. Mice are just as guilty of essentially being traveling dumpsters of disease. Even if these tiny rodents didn’t carry over 30 different diseases, they are still problematic houseguests.

There Goes The Neighborhood 

When you find your home under siege by even the most common rodents, such as rats and mice, you’ll want to act fast! These barely sentient trash monsters can cause thousands of dollars in property damage before you know what hit you. Mice and rats will chew and gnaw through anything they can. This means any water pipes, electrical lines, or structural beams might be under threat. 

On top of that, both of these types of rodents enjoy warm, dry locations. This makes your walls and attic prime real estate. The fact that mice and rats can squeeze into cracks as small as a quarter gives them hundreds of entry points to your home or business. 

Ravenous, Ravenous, Rodents!

Most, if not all rodents, share a kind of dependency on humans for food and shelter. There are a few reasons why you might find it very difficult to get rid of rodents that have infiltrated your home or business.

  • Rodents are skittish and thus outright difficult to detect
  • Rodents are prolific in their breeding habits (Two can turn to hundreds in a week)
  • Rodents enjoy nesting in small out of reach spaces
  • Rodents can travel in most spaces (Vents, pipes, drywall, and dead ends are just future doorways)
  • Many rodents are nocturnal

This combination of things makes them very difficult to catch and effectively eliminate. However, there are steps you can take before you get to the point of being overrun by rodents.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent future infestations:

  • Walk around your property, commercial or residential, and patch small holes.
  • Clean your yard up of nesting-type debris 
  • Remove any open or outside food sources
  • Be careful of how you store your trash and garbage cans

Still, the safest and most cost-efficient way to deal with rodents is by enlisting the help of professionals. 

We Are The Solution

If you want total peace of mind knowing that your rodent problem was handled efficiently, give us a call at K&M Pest Solutions. We strive to meet your needs with a satisfaction guarantee. Our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience in the business.

Feel free to call on us for future guidance such as inspections and walkthroughs. At K&M Pest Solutions we build long-lasting relationships that you can count on. Our talented team at K&M Pest Solutions are the right people to get rid of rodents on your property!