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How To Keep Black Widow Spiders Away From Your Carlsbad Property

October 05, 2021 - Spiders

What has eight legs, two fangs, and highly potent venom that causes health issues? If you guessed the black widow spider, you'd be correct! Perhaps the most unsettling pest species in Carlsbad include the humble spider. Spiders are species of arachnids that hunt insects using their wit, speed, and sticky webs. One of their many family members consists of the black widow spider, one of only two deadly species found in the United States.

It's easy to tell the difference between a black widow spider and a harmless house spider. Some of its most identifiable characteristics include:

  • A shiny black exterior
  • A bright red hourglass symbol on the bottom of its abdomen
  • Spiders that are less than one inch in size

Interestingly, it is only the female black widow spider that poses concerns to people and pets. Male black widows lack the signature red hourglass symbols and are more or less harmless to human beings. Their primary function is to mate with the female spider, who will promptly consume them (if they do not run away fast enough). This carnivorous behavior is where the spider gets its iconic name.

Here in the Carlsbad area, there are only a few locations where you are likely to encounter a black widow spider. Garages, children's play equipment, and crawlspaces are some of the most common. Commercial properties may catch sight of this spider around outbuildings, fence lines, and attic spaces. No matter where you find a black widow lurking, you should attempt to avoid it at all costs.

Black widow spider bites are relatively rare and usually only occur if the spider feels threatened. However, they are also considered dangerous. If you suspect a black widow spider has bitten you, please seek medical attention right away.

How To Enact Spider Prevention Around The Carlsbad Area

The best form of spider prevention always begins with home do-it-yourself (DIY). Although it will not be possible to ensure 100% security, you can reduce your risk factors significantly by following proven prevention methods.

Here's how to enact some spider prevention around your Carlsbad home or business:

  1. Black widow spiders prefer to hide in firewood piles or stacks of wood. If possible, move firewood away from the sides of the home, at least 25 feet or more.
  2. Wipe away all webs appearing around doors, windows, or sides of the home. Check often for reoccurring webs and other symptoms.
  3. Check the home for any unwanted entry points, and eliminate them as quickly as possible. The best method of doing this involves sealing cracks, gaps, and fissures with waterproof caulking.

Even with the best of prevention, black widow spiders may still appear around your home or lawn. For this reason, professionals recommend partnering with a spider control agency such as K&M Pest Solutions.

Why Hundreds Of Home & Business Owners Trust K&M Pest Solutions With Spider Prevention

If you are struggling with an active black widow spider infestation, the safest, most effective way to remove its presence is with the team at K&M Pest Solutions. We roll out our spider control services in three easy steps:

  • We will perform regular de-webbing of your property, reducing the availability of nesting sites for potential black widows.
  • We choose treatment services that are perfect for your lifestyle and reduce the availability of pest prey. 
  • Finally, we make your home and lawn even safer by monitoring it for the signs or symptoms of a secondary infestation.

Call K&M Pest Solutions to discuss how black widow prevention services could best serve you. We offer both residential pest control as well as commercial pest management services in Carlsbad.