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How To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Carlsbad Property

October 05, 2021 - Rats

The rat is one creature that the world could do without. This is not to say that rats provide no benefit, just that they are more of a problem than a help. These invasive rodents love to break into homes, chew on anything they find, and make babies. If you suspect your Carlsbad property is facing a rat infestation, we are here today to help. Here is everything you should know about rats, including how they get into homes and what you should do to get them out. Reach out to your local rodent professionals for quick relief from rodents.

Some Ways Rats Use Their Teeth

Shortly after rats are born, they start to develop sharp and strong incisor teeth. These teeth constantly grow throughout their lives and need to be filed down on items like wood, soft concrete, and plastic. This growth causes rats to chew on things constantly, sometimes for their own benefit, sometimes just for fun. One thing rats regularly use their teeth for is to chew through walls and widen holes in the exterior of homes.

Why Rats Invade Homes

If rats feel a warm breeze coming from your home on a cold winter day or smell something tasty coming from one of your open windows, they will try to invade. Sometimes rats don't invade for any specific reason and do so because they are curious. Homes with exterior damage or windows and doors that are regularly left open seem to experience more trouble with rat invaders.

How To Control Rats

We are not a pest control company that will tell you you can't handle rats yourself. We will, however, ask you to be cautious and know when the problem is out of your control. If your infestation has just begun, and you are not afraid to take some steps on your own, bait some rat traps with peanut butter and place them in areas you suspect these pests are traveling. Hopefully, this will solve your problem in a week or two. Most often, however, it does not.

Rats are smart. It is not uncommon for these rodents to identify that traps are dangerous and begin to avoid them or learn how to trigger them without being injured in order to feed on their bait. Another problem is that rats breed rapidly. A single female has six litters a year, each containing up to 12 pups. Add to this that it only takes rats nine weeks to reach sexual maturity, and you could have yourself a serious infestation in a matter of months.

Why Professional Rat Control Works

Because rats are intelligent creatures, intelligent tactics are required to capture and remove these pests from homes. Professional pest control technicians have trained long and hard to understand these furry creatures. They are equipped with the industrial-grade traps and baits needed to quickly and effectively remove them from homes. They also know what to look for in order to identify rat infestations and determine their severity. This equipment and experience will go a long way in helping you understand your risk and find freedom from these dangerous pests.

The Reason You Should Choose K&M Pest Solutions

There are dozens of pest control companies in our area; many will solve your rat problems. However, we cannot ensure they will treat you fairly and make sure you are well taken care of. At K&M Pest Solutions, we will ensure your pest problem is taken care of, that you are treated properly, and that all of your Carlsbad home pest control questions and concerns are answered and solved.

Contact us today to schedule your Carlsbad property for a service visit and find out why we are your best option for premier and friendly home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.