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Bed Bug Control In Carlsbad, CA

Are Bed Bugs Threatening Your Carlsbad Home?

When bed bugs get into your house, they destroy any chance you have for a good night's sleep. Simply knowing of their presence is enough to keep you up all night, but getting up in the morning to find itchy bug bites on your body makes it even worse. Ending up with a bed bug infestation can happen to anyone, but getting rid of an infestation is not something just anyone can do.

Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate due to their resiliency and ability to hide, so it's best to leave their treatment to the Carlsbad bed bug professionals. K&M Pest Solutions provides effective bed bug control to Carlsbad and the surrounding areas. Give our team a call today to get started!

Our Carlsbad Bed Bug Control Services

When you contact K&M Pest Solutions about bed bug control, we'll provide you with a sheet of instructions to prepare for our visit. These instructions include things like picking items up off the floor and laundering bedding on the hottest setting. Once you've completed this list, we will come to your home to perform our initial service.

We use a variety of treatment methods to eliminate your bed bug infestation. We'll directly treat infested areas, as well as behind beds and along walls. We'll also vacuum to remove both live and dead bed bugs and casings.

Depending on the severity of your infestation, we may recommend that you dispose of your mattress and box spring. However, if that's not necessary, we offer mattress encasements for an additional fee.

Bed bugs easily travel from room to room, so we highly recommend allowing us to treat more than one room during our service. At a minimum, it's wise to treat the most affected room and all adjacent rooms, but the safest course of action is to have the whole house treated. Please be aware that if you choose only to have one room treated, we cannot guarantee bed bug-free rooms in other areas of your home.

Seven days after your initial treatment, we'll return to your house to re-treat it. This treatment is a spot treatment and includes an inspection to look for any signs of bed bug activity. Our treatment comes with a 30-day guarantee that begins the day of your initial treatment.

Take Your Nights Back With K&M Pest Solutions

If bed bugs are stealing your ability to sleep soundly, don't wait another night to do something about them. A bed bug infestation does not go away on its own, but with the help of K&M Pest Solutions, you can get back to sleeping in a bed bug-free home with our guaranteed bed bug control treatments.

To learn more about our Carlsbad home pest control and commercial pest control plans, or to schedule your treatment, contact us today.